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Dozens of Delicious
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Now You Can Indulge Yourself and Your Family with Decadently Delicious Paleo Sweets And Treats… Without Resorting to Eating the ‘Same Old Same Old’ Every Single Day

BRAND NEW: Updated for 2017 with Page After Page of Mouth-Watering Recipes!

Dear Paleo Enthusiast,

In my travels, I talk to a lot of Paleo people.

I mean A LOT.

New... experienced... veteran, it runs the gamut.

Regardless of their differences and their experience level, there is ONE COMMON THREAD amongst their stories...

“Paleo works best for me.”

It works better than anything they've ever tried.

In my case, I can remember how I first felt. I was so relieved I’d finally found a diet solution that WORKED. Even better, changes were noticeable so quickly!

I was hooked.

It was a way of eating where I didn’t feel deprived or constricted. Not that I could eat just anything, but I always felt satisfied.

After years of trying all sorts of diets (and failing miserably,) Paleo was a diet I could stick to.

Food was no longer my nemesis, it was no longer something for which I felt contempt.

Meal by meal, I was getting healthier and healthier, a little more each day...

Meal after meal I was watching my health improve!

It was amazing to witness.

Slowly but surely, I reclaimed my energy.

I reclaimed my sunny outlook.

I reclaimed my once long, beautiful skin and hair. I love my nails!

I reclaimed my health. My sleep was sounder.

Disease faded. My “numbers” were looking better and better.

I felt like getting out and exercising again.

Day by day, I was reclaiming the body I once had and enjoyed.


“Mom, are we going to have fruit for dessert, again?”

That said, there was something I wanted. Something I missed.

Truth was, I missed my desserts.

My family did, too.

Have you ever had a protein-filled dinner like steak and then afterwards craved something sweet?

Don’t feel bad, you’re not alone. It’s a totally natural reaction.

It has to do with our blood sugar dipping.

It’s why we love our desserts.


Being Paleo-centric, of course I wanted to align my desserts along Paleo guidelines...

Yet fruit, no matter how fresh, no matter how much variety there was, just wasn’t cutting it. Either for me or for my family.

Now personally, I love fruit! But after every single dinner, every single day?

I had to admit it. I missed dessert!

I missed an after dinner cheesecake. I missed a cup of sorbet.

I missed my occasional chocolate mousse.


I thought I could ‘willpower it’ through, but no luck...

Of course, I Googled “Paleo desserts” and braced myself for an avalanche of recipes.

Google dutifully complied with sheesh! 638,000 recipes! (Who has the time?!)

And of course, I’d try different recipes. Some of them “looked” really good.

But unfortunately, they were hit and miss--at best. Most of these folks don’t know how to cook.

And even more so, I couldn’t believe how difficult they made it! What a pain! I felt like I had to be a Food Channel-caliber chef to make one of these things.

And while it was one thing to make it, it was quite another to EAT IT!

Most of those Internet dessert recipes were awful.

Sounds gross, but my gag reflex kicked in time after time. Fed up with myself, I ended up throwing good food in the garbage.

Plus, some of these recipes would use pseudo-Paleo ingredients to get by. That’s a total no-no.

And then there’s the clean up. Talk about a hassle!


But we all know the Paleo pay off, right?

Vibrant health... mental clarity, alertness and focus... and maybe most importantly, boundless energy for the day ahead.

Undeterred, I regained my commitment. The health benefits I was getting were too good to ignore.

Along the way, I started to pick up dessert ideas and collect them...

... Recipes. I’d occasionally discover really good, EASY-TO-MAKE desserts recipes and perfected them, making them AWESOME!

... Easier, faster ways of preparing...

... Fabulous food combinations and ways of cooking and presentation that give it that “gourmet Food Channel” look and feel (but without all the hassle)

Over time, being a part of the online Paleo community, I’d show pictures of what I was making.

And people would “like” and share my pictures. They’d ask for the recipes.

They were so appreciative. Because they were struggling with desserts as well.

I mean, if you’re a Paleo enthusiast, you already know desserts are a landmine if you don’t know what you’re doing.

It’s the old “easier said than done”, right? Sometimes it’s just easier to just SKIP the dessert or try to buy it at a vegan store and pay an ungodly amount of money, right?

It makes you think twice about heating up the oven, doesn’t it?

If you think about it, NOT having a Paleo-aligned dessert would be self-sabotaging. After all...

Which is more important? Satisfying your sweet tooth, or having a body that’s young, healthy and full of energy?

If you’re going to have a dessert, let’s make sure it’s Paleo, ok?

If you don’t, you know who loses out. You. And your health.

The only question is: Are you going to be eating “the same old thing”? Or are you going to turn dessert into an opportunity to further enhance your health, body and energy?

There may not be a way of avoiding it, but here’s what you CAN do:

So sit tight, because I’m going to show you how you really can have it all – delicious, easy-to-whip-up desserts with all the nutritious health benefits of the Paleo Lifestyle.

When it comes to Paleo desserts, you’re about to experience what amounts to sweet salvation!

I’m here to tell you Paleo desserts CAN be fun, fast to make and satisfying.

Here’s the BIG Secret to Enjoying Paleo Sweets…

Newcomers to Paleo often struggle with the sweeter aspects of eating, not because it’s time consuming or requires effort. It’s usually a matter of conditioning.

You get conditioned since childhood to eat something that’s been satisfying to you.

The secret to enjoying Paleo desserts is expanding what you condition as dessert type foods.

When we’re growing up we have all these preconceived ideas about what we should be eating for dessert. Remember?

But when we eliminate the sugar and dairy and flour, what are we left with?

A big, gaping hole in our meal-time.

A big hole with the exception of fruit. And don’t get me wrong, I love fruit. But given my upbringing, even fruit (like fresh strawberries) gets a bit old when that’s all you have day after day.

Now I LOVE fruit but there’s more. So much more, when you expand your ideas of what a delicious, nourishing, satisfying dessert could be.

So fear not! Help is on the way. Introducing…

Paleo Sweets

Great Tasting, Nutritious Paleo-based Desserts You’d Swear Came from Your Local bakery

My goal with the Paleo Sweets cookbook is simple. To provide the taste-bud-popping, nutritious recipes that took me literally years to assemble.

Recipes that hit the sweet spot every single time...

You’re going to enjoy delightfully surprising desserts such as...

And much, much more… Remember, you’re getting 73 delicious recipes that are my personal favorites. All tried, tested and family approved!

Now you may be thinking, what are the ingredients for making delicious desserts like...


You’re probably wondering “How’s she doing that? Those sound like really tasty bakery desserts…”

Well, it requires just a little creative substitution.

For instance, I use walnut, coconut or almond flour for pie crust. You honestly can’t tell the difference.

(Try mine just one time, and you’ll wonder why people are still using denatured, nutrition-stripped white flour for cooking.)

Remember, all these recipes are 100% Paleo. You DON’T have to be a gourmet bakery chef to make the most wonderfully delicious dessert…

Nowhere near.

I’ve developed every recipe, for anyone, even if boiling water is a challenge, you can make the most tastebud-tingling meals in MINUTES!

And if you’re in a rush? It’s no problem. Let’s face it, dinner can be a whirlwind of activity.

Yet with PaleoSweets, you’ll see ALL of the desserts can be put together in just minutes.

No stress, no fuss, no hassle... just delectable desserts in minutes.

You’re eating NATURAL foods, untouched by dangerous food processing and inhumane manufacturing practices…

And you’re flushing out toxins and chemicals that inhibit your growth.

Bottom line? Your body is free to rebuild and rejuvenate itself. And that means you look better, you feel better and you actually reversing the visible signs of aging.

Yes, along with your other meals and lifestyle elements, The Paleo Sweets Cookbook can help you do that.

No need to “cheat” when it comes to dessert...

Just think... By sticking with your Paleo lifestyle and not cheating, you can look forward to a clean burst of energy AND peace of mind. Your body is being protected from illness and disease.

So let me make you a very special offer...

If you’re a Paleo enthusiast you can’t afford NOT to have my recipe collection. It’s a “must” if you want oodles of variety, the step-by-step recipes for delicious recipes and the motivation to continue with the Paleo diet.

Plus, there’s nothing better than topping off dinner with a satisfying yet totally healthy dessert that allows you to stick to your Paleo lifestyle.

So I’m going make this EASY for you…

The regular price for my collection of uniquely tasty dessert recipes is a more than reasonable $97. However, because you’re a Paleo Hacks reader, I’ve worked hard to be able to offer you an incredible deal...

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Remember… Nothing will be rebilled on this offer, ever. This is a ONE-TIME shipping charge, and NOT a "free trial". This cookbook is truly 100% free, and is our way of getting exposure for our new Cookbook without massive advertising budgets.


Remember… Nothing will be rebilled on this offer, ever. This is a ONE-TIME shipping charge, and NOT a "free trial". This cookbook is truly 100% free, and is our way of getting exposure for our new Cookbook without massive advertising budgets.

Add Delicious Paleo Variety To Your Day And See How Your Energy Soars!

I’ve included 73 delicious recipes. Now it’s your turn to make the full health-giving, beauty-building commitment to Paleo and your body.

And have it respond in ways you’ve only dreamed of.

Make the commitment to Paleo and you’ll be amazed at the results. Make the commitment to Paleo and watch yourself transform, from the inside out.

Imagine indulging in...

You see? You owe it to yourself to start the day getting the maximum nutritional bang for your buck…


Your FREE! Hard copy full-color book

Get Your FREE Hard Copy of Paleo Sweets Today!
*Just pay shipping


And as always, I’m here to help you.

With Paleo Sweets, you’re getting 73 of my personal favorites. Recipes that taste great, I guarantee.

Your Paleo friends,

P.S. As you gradually experiment with Paleo Sweets, I can't wait to hear from you.

After you place your order and prepared your first few days of delicious desserts, feel free to email me at

I can't wait to hear as those preconceived notions about desserts start to fade. As your mind starts opening up to new possibilities... your taste buds start looking forward to desserts... and your cravings disappear...

Best of all, you’re going to love it!

P.P.S. If you’ve never had the smell of my version of Apple skillet cake hit your nostrils, you don’t know what you’re missing. ;)

P.P.P.S. You want more?

Ok how about my famed Snickerdoodles?

My oh-so-satisfying Peach Melba Crumble Pie?

And once you’ve sunk your teeth into my Sexy Black Forest Cake you’ll think you’re in dessert heaven.

Look. You no longer have to go without when everybody else is tucking into their sweet.

You deserve these decadently delicious desserts don’t you? Of course you do…

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