Eat Chocolate Pancakes, Cinnamon Waffles, and French Toast Drizzled in Blueberry Syrup for Breakfast… Yet Still Slim Down with the Keto Diet?!

Get 80 Low-Carb Recipes for Morning Favorites Like Donuts, Muffins, Bagels, and More with this FREE Keto Breakfast Cookbook

What if it’s possible to eat chocolate pancakes…

Cinnamon waffles with coconut glaze…

French toast drizzled in blueberry syrup…

And have it actually be good for you?

Now, a lot of people would call me crazy for making such a bold claim…

But believe it or not, all 3 of these recipes are completely Keto and Paleo – friendly.

Which means they can actually help men & women slim down and get healthy!

And that’s not all…

Today, I’m revealing a new FREE cookbook full
of breakfast classics that are supposed to ruin a diet…

But they’re 100% Keto and Paleo friendly!

Because after helping hundreds of thousands of men & women with their nutrition, I’ve discovered that keto can be an incredibly effective diet to help men & women get in shape…

But for most Keto diets, breakfasts are BORING!

Pancakes and waffles are off limits.

So are bagels… and toast with jam.

In fact, nearly all of the breakfast classics are forbidden.

As a result, most people end up eating eggs, bacon, and avocado every morning.

That can get old real quick

Which is why I’ve spent the last several months in my kitchen coming up with brand new Keto versions of these breakfast favorites.

Today, I’m proud to present…

The Keto Breakfast Cookbook:

80 low-carb recipes for pancakes, waffles, bagels, donuts, muffins, hash browns, and more

For example, how about starting the day off with waffles smothered in maple bacon butter…

Blueberry bagels with raspberry chia jam…

Or crispy hash browns…

… and having it help the figure instead of ruining it?

Inside this amazing cookbook, there’s recipes for bread, jam, syrup, granola, smoothies, hot chocolate, parfaits, fritters, and even cake!

And here’s the best part…

Every single recipe inside this amazing breakfast cookbook is both Keto and Paleo friendly

Yep, that’s right.

These recipes have no soy, no gluten, no processed sugar, and no toxic artificial ingredients

Which makes them ideal for the Keto diet.

Yet they’re even healthier than most Keto recipes because they also have no dairy and grains…

Which makes them ideal for the Paleo diet as well.

That means with these recipes, men & women can eat their favorite breakfast foods without ruining their diet…

And without feeling guilty about it afterwards.

Dropping clothing sizes and slipping into new outfits can be a real possibility…

These delicious breakfast recipes can support healthy energy levels, blood sugar, digestion, cholesterol, and more!

Best of all, these keto-fied recipes taste just as good, or even better than the originals.


Hitting a health goal and staring at the scale in disbelief…

Having old clothes feel “too big” and shopping for new outfits in smaller sizes…

Or shocking family and friends with an incredible new look…

All while eating waffles, pancakes, and French toast for breakfast!

If this sounds too good to be true, I’m here to say…

It’s absolutely not!

Keto is such an effective diet tool, it’s been featured on popular shows like Rachel Ray and Dr. Oz

It’s backed by tons of doctors and nutritionists as a safe, healthy diet method…

Even celebrities like Halle Berry and the Kardashians swear by it!

It works by putting the body into a state of supercharged ketosis

Which is a fancy way of saying the body is using its own fat for fuel.

Just imagine!

Fitting into outfits that have been sitting in the closet for years…

Looking in the bathroom mirror and smiling…

Or shocking long-distance friends and family on the next visit.

Because with this new Keto Breakfast Cookbook,

It’s finally possible to eat “carb-rich” breakfast classics like bagels, muffins, pancakes, and hash browns without ruining the Keto diet!

My name is Kelsey Ale, and I’m a certified nutritional therapist at PaleoHacks.

I’m the author of two of the most successful health food cookbooks on the internet…

Keto Sweets and Paleo Sweets.

Together, they’ve sold over 500,000 copies.

I’m also a Paleo chef and baker, and have been a nutritional counselor for over 8 years.

My cookbooks have been an incredible tool for more than 600,000 men & women to get in shape and stay healthy

And I must say, this is my proudest creation yet.

Because in my honest opinion, breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day…

Especially in the keto diet.

I’ll reveal why in just a moment.

I’ll also share what breakfast recipes are inside this cookbook…

And I’ll reveal exactly how we made them both healthy and keto-friendly.

You see, before I became a nutritional counselor, I actually didn’t eat well at all!

I didn’t understand just how important my diet was…
until one morning, I ended up in the emergency room

This is hard to share… but a few short years ago, I was sick.

Very sick.

I was on a vegetarian diet, and ate foods like granola, bagels, and toast for breakfast.

I thought these foods would make me healthy… but I was dead wrong.

My joints creaked. My face was inflamed. I was overweight.

And most of all, I was exhausted all the time.

At the end of the day, all I could do was collapse and watch TV shows… I felt so useless.

It got so bad one morning that my digestive problems sent me to the ER.

But even the doctors and specialists couldn’t figure out what was wrong with me!

I couldn’t fix my health problems no matter what I tried…

Everything changed when I found all-natural, whole food diets like Keto and Paleo

I found Keto one day while I was experimenting with different diets and protocols…

I started eating delicious vegetables, meats, and organic foods that trigger ketosis in the body…

And the difference was dramatic.

Almost immediately, my joint discomfort lifted…

My digestion problems vanished…

I shed the extra weight I’d been carrying around for years

And best of all, I was overflowing with all-day energy.

Which meant I could spend more time with loved ones, have more energy for my family, and finally pursue the hobbies I always wanted to try.

In short, I looked and felt years younger than I was!

Today, Keto is one of the most popular diets in the world. But there’s one BIG problem…

I had to give up my favorite breakfast foods!

I grew up living off of bagels, oatmeal, and granola in the mornings…

And once in awhile my mom would make us buttermilk pancakes with syrup on Sunday mornings.

Even thinking about it now makes my mouth water!

But once I started Keto, that was all gone.

Without my favorite breakfast foods, every day was a constant struggle against my cravings…

And I’d occasionally break and go on a binge, reversing all my hard work!

You see, throughout my years as a nutritional counselor, I discovered a little-known fact that makes or breaks most diets:

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day… and it’s even more important for those on the Keto or Paleo diet – here’s why

A good breakfast is like a good night’s sleep.

It sets the foundation for how the body feels for the rest of the day.

Breakfast kick-starts the metabolism…

Gives the body energy…

And most importantly, it keeps cravings at bay.

When someone’s cravings are strong, all it takes is one stressful day to trigger a massive, diet-ruining binge.

Which can reverse weeks of hard work in a matter of days!

And guess when cravings start?

Right in the morning.

Which is why…

One of the keys to success in Keto and Paleo is eating a hearty breakfast that satisfies cravings without ruining the diet

Some men & women on the keto diet just eat eggs, bacon, and avocado for breakfast every day…

While others skip breakfast altogether.

Today, there’s finally a third option.

Because recently I’ve been in the kitchen, perfecting more than 80 new Keto breakfast recipes to fix this exact problem.

I started with classic recipes for pancakes, waffles, hash browns and other breakfast favorites…

Then, my team and I took out all the processed sugar, gluten, soy, and dairy and replaced them with Keto and Paleo-friendly substitutes.

For example, instead of processed sugar, we use stevia or monk fruit powder…

Which taste sweeter than normal sugar, yet has 0 calories and has no effect on blood sugar!

Instead of stomach-bloating white flour, we use healthy almond flour or coconut flour.

And instead of dairy, we use almond milk or coconut milk, which can support healthy digestion.

Don’t worry, these ingredients are easy to find at the local supermarket.

And surprisingly…

These keto-fied breakfast recipes can taste just as good – if not better – than the originals!

We worked on the ratios of these ingredients in these recipes…

And tested them over and over again until the taste was just right.

Then, we served them up to real men & women…

And I’m excited to say, they taste amazing!

I mean, who wouldn’t want to dig in to cinnamon blueberry fritters…

Orange cardamom muffins with coconut butter glaze…

Or almond flour lemon pancakes.

In total, we perfected more than 80 delicious low-carb breakfast recipes…

And today, we’d like to share it with the world.


The Keto Breakfast Cookbook:

80 low-carb recipes beyond bacon and eggs to kickstart the day

Get ready to start mornings off with a bang!

With this brand new cookbook, men & women can dig in to bagels, granola, waffles, chocolate pancakes drizzled in syrup, and more.

What’s more, they can do so guilt-free, without ruining their diet…

Because every single recipe is Keto and Paleo friendly…

Yet every recipe is “mmm, MMM!” delicious.

Imagine treating those taste buds to muffins, donuts, and French toast in the morning…

And having the body actually feel good for the rest of the day instead of bloated and groggy.

Imagine doing just a few short weeks of Keto or Paleo, and waking up looking and feeling amazing…

Bursting with energy for the day.

And imagine how surprised friends and family would be at the transformation…

How wonderful would that be?!

With the Keto Breakfast Cookbook, it’s completely possible.

Just take a look at what’s inside:

Wake up with joy on weekend mornings with 6 fluffy pancake and waffle recipes

These are my favorite!

Who doesn’t love the rich smell of buttermilk pancakes in the kitchen…

The gooey drizzle of syrup…

And the joy a stack of buttery pancakes brings?

We’ve got:

And that’s not all…

Satisfy carb cravings with 8 recipes
for bagels, breads, toast, and cake

One of the foods I miss most on Keto is bread.

Which is exactly why I created these recipes.

I love grabbing a quick bagel or toast in the mornings…

And now, I can do so without ruining my Keto or Paleo diet!

We’ve got:

Don’t worry…

We’ve got jams and syrups to spread on them too! I’ll reveal those in just a minute…

Because there’s also:

5 donut and muffin recipes for the
perfect “on-the-go” breakfast snack

These are ideal for men & women who are busy, but still want to get healthy.

These muffins and donuts are quick and easy to make…

And can be snagged on the way out the door!

We’ve got:

5 crispy fritters and hash browns recipes to support healthy ketosis all day long

Normally fritters and hash browns are packed full of stomach-bloating toxins…

But these recipes are Keto and Paleo friendly, and incredibly low in carbs!

We’ve got:

Have a bowl of one of our 8 granola and oatmeal recipes for to kickstart the day with Keto

For me, granola and oatmeal were breakfast staples growing up…

Yet for most keto and paleo diets, they’re completely off limits.

Well today, that all changes!

Because we’ve got:

10 egg recipes to turn an old breakfast classic into something new and exciting!

Eggs are a staple of Keto and Paleo.

But there’s only so many times you can have them hard-boiled, scrambled, or sunny side up.

That’s why we’ve created 10 new recipes to spice things up.

Check them out:

10 mouth-watering meat and bacon recipes to ramp up ketosis and supply all-day energy

Now anyone can fill up on protein for breakfast with these new tasty meat dishes!

Check them out here:

8 avocado recipes to fill up on vitamins, minerals, and healthy fats

Avocados are one of the healthiest foods out there…

And we’ve got tons of interesting recipes for breakfast lovers to try!

10 hot beverage recipes that help men & women wake up with smiles on their faces

I love a hot drink right when I wake up, whether it’s coffee or something fancier.

With this cookbook, there’s plenty of options for a morning beverage.

And while most drinks like these are packed with sugar and other “bloat triggering” ingredients…

These recipes are 100% Keto and Paleo friendly.

We’ve got:

And finally…

10 jam, syrup, and condiment recipes to give these breakfast dishes just the right taste

What’s toast without jam… pancakes without syrup… or hash browns without ketchup?

We wanted these recipes to be as close to the classics as possible.

So we also keto-fied the dressings!

Now you can have:

At this point, many men & women think…

“These recipes look so delicious! I can’t possibly eat these and still get healthy, can I?”

I’m happy to say, it’s absolutely possible!

Each breakfast recipe is made up of a Keto-friendly balance of proteins, fats, and carbs…

Which means they can support healthy
ketosis around the clock!

Here at PaleoHacks, our recipe books are trusted by over 600,000 food lovers from all over the world…

Which makes us one of the go-to sources for Keto and Paleo recipes.

We’ve included all the proteins, fats, and carbs macro numbers under each recipe…

So you can try the keto diet the easy way.

Just imagine how amazing it would feel to step on the scale and see the numbers drop week by week…

Without counting calories or going hungry…

Without pounding the body at the gym…

By letting healthy ketosis do the work!

Wouldn’t it feel wonderful to put on clothes that have been in the closet for years…

To make “donation runs” to get rid of old clothes…

Or shop for new clothes again?

The Keto Breakfast Cookbook can help food lovers start the health transformation they’ve been dreaming of

What’s more…

The recipes are simple, clear, and easy.

Each ingredient can be found at the local supermarket.

(Don’t worry, if they’re out, the ingredients can easily be found online)

That’s why this cookbook is perfect for men and women who are:

  • Struggling to find the time and energy to cook breakfast every day
  • Trying to avoid unhealthy processed foods
  • Dealing with digestive problems
  • Looking to lower their blood sugar and cholesterol
  • Or if you are simply trying to get healthy while still having delicious, filling breakfasts

There’s no better time to get started than right now!

Here’s how to grab a copy of the
Keto Breakfast Cookbook today

At the bottom of this page, there’s a big, colorful button.

When you click that button, we’ll reserve a copy of this brand new cookbook in your name.

It’s totally FREE, all we ask is that you cover the small shipping and handling fee.

Let us know where to ship it, and we’ll send it straight to your doorstep.

You’ll even get a digital copy too, if you want to get started right away!

At this point, some men & women may be wondering what the price is.

With the number of amazing, unique recipes inside… and the incredible health benefits they can bring, The Keto Breakfast Cookbook has a value of over $47.

But you won’t be paying near that much today.

Before I reveal the price, however, here are some bonuses for anyone that orders today:

If you order today, we’ll also include 3 FREE bonuses


The Beginner’s Keto Guide ($27 Value)

Brand new to Keto?

This bonus is the perfect starter guide!

Inside, I reveal why Keto is so popular right now, how Keto ignites the metabolism, and why we choose certain ingredients over others.

I’ll also reveal how to ease the body into Keto without making the most common mistakes.

It’s a must have for anyone who’s sick of going up and down with their health…

And finally wants to make a change for good.

We’ll include a FREE copy of The Keto Beginner’s Guide for everyone who orders The Keto Breakfast Cookbook today.

And that’s not all…


10 Keto Bacon Recipes perfect for parties and family get-togethers ($17 Value)

Got a hankerin’ for bacon?

We’ve got it covered, with 10 extra delicious recipes including:

  • Bacon-Wrapped Keto Sushi
  • Brussels Sprouts Sliders
  • Bacon-wrapped Avocado Fries
  • Bacon-Wrapped Onion Rings
  • Bacon-Wrapped Jalapeno Poppers
  • Bacon-Wrapped Brussels Sprouts
  • Maple Bacon Chicken Wings
  • Candied Keto Bacon
  • Dark Chocolate Bacon Bark
  • Almond Butter Bacon Brittle

They’re all included in our Keto Bacon Bonus Recipes that comes with an order of The Keto Breakfast Cookbook today.

Want even MORE recipes?!


10 Keto Fat Bomb recipes that help keto-lovers to hit their daily macros with ease ($17 Value)

One of the biggest challenges of the Keto diet is to eat enough fat to hit those daily macros…

But with the final FREE bonus, we’ve made it much easier!

It includes recipes like:

  • Pumpkin Spice Fat Bombs
  • Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Fat Bombs
  • Bacon Fat Bombs
  • Raw Cacao Coconut Oil Fat Bombs
  • Green Smoothie Fat Bombs
  • Coconut Oil Fat Bombs
  • Three-Ingredient Fat-Burning Boosters
  • Blueberry Coconut Fat Bombs
  • Butter Coffee Fat Bombs
  • Lemon Fat Bombs

Together, this package has a value of $47 + $27 + $17 + $17 = $108

But today, you won’t be paying that.

You won’t be paying $67….

Or even $47.

Today, you’ll get access to:

  • The Keto Breakfast Cookbook ($47 Value)
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All for FREE

Just cover the small shipping & handling fee, and all of this is yours!

What’s more:

Every order is protected by our 100% Iron-Clad Money Back Guarantee – and you get to KEEP your cookbook!

I’m so confident you’ll love the Keto Breakfast Cookbook, I’m putting an amazing guarantee on it.

That way, there’s no risk whatsoever to giving it a try!

If you’re unsatisfied with it at all…

For ANY reason…

Just shoot me an email within 60 days, and I’ll give you a full, 100% refund on every penny you spent with us, no questions asked.

Here’s the best part…

You’ll get to keep your copy of the Keto Breakfast Cookbook, and the bonuses, even if you decide to get a refund!

It’s an absolute no-brainer.

There’s no reason not to grab a copy right now, before our inventory runs out…

Because there’s nothing to lose, and everything to gain.

That’s my 100% money-back guarantee to you today.

As part of our grand opening, we’ve got 500 physical copies of the Keto Breakfast Cookbook available today…

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Imagine how amazing it would be to enjoy pancakes, waffles, and bagels…

And still get healthy with the keto diet.

Imagine how wonderful it would be to reach dream health goals…

Or how amazed friends and family may be at the transformation.

It’s all possible with this cookbook today.

So go ahead and click the button below to get started.

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I’m so excited to see you inside…

Thanks for reading,

– Kelsey Ale

Claim your copy of the Keto Breakfast Cookbook and all 3 bonuses for FREE today!

(I understand my order is covered by a 100% money-back guarantee)

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Keto Breakfast Cookbook really let me eat pancakes and waffles and still stay healthy?

Yes, absolutely!

Inside, there are recipes for pancakes, waffles, muffins, donuts, bagels, and more…

And they’re all Keto and Paleo friendly!

Which means they’re free to processed sugar, gluten, soy, dairy, and other artificial ingredients.

Yet they’re just as delicious, if not MORE, than the originals!

If you want a copy, hurry and click the button below to grab your copy now!

I have no idea how long these copies will last.

What recipes are in the Keto Breakfast Cookbook?

There are 80 Keto breakfast recipes inside the cookbook…

Including delicious recipes for granola, hot chocolate, smoothies, egg dishes, avocado dishes, meat dishes, and more!

The recipes are simple and beginner-friendly…

And each recipe will have macros listed so you can keep track of your carbs, proteins, and fats!

Remember, each order also comes with the Beginner Keto’s Guide bonus as well, to ease the transition into the keto diet.

Do I really get 3 FREE bonuses with the Keto Breakfast Cookbook?


The first bonus is the Beginner’s Keto Guide, which will give you tips and help you avoid the most common Keto mistakes beginners make.

The second is the Keto Bacon Recipes bonus. It has 10 extra recipes, including:

  • Bacon wrapped Keto sushi
  • Bacon wrapped jalapeno poppers
  • Dark chocolate bacon bark
  • And more!

The third bonus is the Keto Fat Bomb Recipes bonus, with 10 more recipes like:

  • Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Fat Bombs
  • Blueberry Coconut Fat Bombs
  • Butter Coffee Fat Bombs
  • And more!

All 3 bonuses are yours FREE when you order the Keto Breakfast Cookbook today.

Is there a digital copy of the Keto Breakfast Cookbook?


When you grab your copy of the Keto Breakfast Cookbook today, you’ll be able to download a digital copy immediately so you can start making delicious fat burning meals today!

Are these recipes ok for someone with blood sugar issues?


Keto is great for people with blood sugar issues, and has been shown in studies to support healthy blood sugar effectively.

It’s also been shown to support healthy cholesterol and triglycerides.

Can I find all the ingredients at a normal grocery store?

Yes, the ingredients can easily be found in your local supermarket.

If they happen to be out, the ingredients can easily be found online.

When will my book arrive?

When you click the button below to confirm your order, your copy will be shipped out either today or tomorrow.

It normally takes about 5 business days to arrive.

You’ll also receive a digital copy you can open immediately.

All this is assuming that the inventory we have isn’t already gone…

If the button is still available below instead of a big “sold out” banner, then there’s still a copy left for you!

So make you grab your copy before our warehouse stock runs out.

How hard are the recipes to make?

Here’s the best part:

These breakfast recipes are super easy!

We’ve made sure to lay out the step-by-step instructions clearly… even for someone who’s a beginner baker!

That’s why the Keto Breakfast Cookbook is so perfect for busy moms and grandmas who don’t have all the time in the world…

Who aren’t geniuses in the kitchen…

And who want to get healthy quickly and easily, without starving themselves, calorie counting, or going crazy in the gym.

Is everything really covered by a 60-day money back guarantee?


If you’re unsatisfied with anything, feel free to send us an email within 60 days and we’ll refund you 100% of your money.

That way, you have ZERO risk when you give the Keto Breakfast Cookbook a try.

You’ll even get to keep your copy of the cookbook!

It’s our way of saying thank you for giving us a try.

So hurry and claim your copy before we run out of inventory…

Click the button below to get started with the Keto Breakfast Cookbook today!

Claim your copy of the Keto Breakfast Cookbook and all 3 bonuses for FREE today!

(I understand my order is covered by a 100% money-back guarantee)

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